2 January 2021

Arrived at T2 LHR at 8.25am but even though we allowed 2 hours it was all bit of a rush with the added COVID validation procedures and we just made the flight. Plane was a Dreamliner and very smooth and comfortable. We were in economy but plenty of empty seats so could stretch out. Lots of native Bajuns either returning home or going on holiday and their discipline in terms of mask wearing was not the best. Still, we took comfort from the fact everyone on board had been COVID tested until I remembered reading about some oik from Birmingham who was selling fake PCR certificates on the web and making a small fortune!

Touched down in Barbados an hour early at 2.30 pm local time. Flight painless but had to jump through several hoops exiting the airport; mainly Covid related. Arrived for quarantine in a government approved hotel apartment at the cheap end of the spectrum but it’s functional and clean. Then relaxed on the hotel balcony watching the sun set with a beer in hand and wearing shorts and a polo shirt. The name of the local beer is Banks, very drinkable and I am wondering if it’s any relation to the Banks’ bitter I used to drink at university in Birmingham! Can see the sea off to our left. 26C but there is a cooling breeze. Can’t quite believe we are here. Think I could get used to this.

Simon has relocated to Barbados. As Simon de Wulf, his recent novels Siegfried & the Vikings, Death at Ragged Point, Death at Drax Hall are available on Amazon